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Mar 30

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Miniature cave for video game- Star Controller 3Miniature Effects by Synapse FX

Miniatures (a.k.a. models) have been used to create grand scale environments since the beginning of film, from dark city streets to towering skyscrapers, fleets of spaceships to massive sea vessels.

Filmmakers have been using this special effect technique to create key events such as the sinking of the battleship, the explosion of a home, or the inner-workings of a dark cavern.

No matter the size of your budget, that fantasized place you never thought could be a reality, can be created as a miniature and blown up to be that mystical environment that comes to life.

We can create ANY miniature effect to meet your needs!

Take a look at some of the work we’ve done for the industry by browsing the effects images below.


Practical FX / Miniature FX

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